Mindful Eating Workbook


If mealtimes are stressful, you aren’t connected to your hunger and fullness cues or you want to stop eating mindlessly, it’s time to start eating mindfully.

Start building a better relationship with food with our dietitian developed Mindful Eating Workbook.


Imagine eating every meal stress-free, not worrying about how much to eat, and truly enjoying your food.

This can be you!

Welcome to mindful eating- the practice of bringing awareness to your eating habits and environment. 

You’ll want this workbook if you:

  • Are stressed around food
  • Don’t know what hunger feels like
  • Don’t get satisfied after eating a meal
  • Often eat distracted and can’t remember what or how much you ate
  • Consistently eat so much that you feel sick and uncomfortable
  • Are hungry soon after you have finished your meal
  • Feel like you just eat to live and don’t get satisfaction or enjoyment when eating

What’s Included

  • Dietitian developed strategies that work with real people
  • Self guided 28 page printable workbook
  • 4 practical mindful eating strategies you can use every day
  • Guided practices to get you started using each strategy
  • Worksheet pages to empower you to take action
  • Reflection pages to help you learn about your habits and environment


  • What is mindful eating?
  • Why do we eat?
  • Strategies:
    • #1 Be present
    • #2 Tune into your hunger cues
    • #3 Use your senses
    • #4 Choose foods that are nourishing and satisfying
  • Moving forward


BONUS: If seeing a dietitian 1:1 is out of reach for you, this is an affordable way to get started on your journey to creating a healthy relationship with food!