A registered dietitian or RD focuses on providing evidence-based nutrition information to clients and the community. Dietitians translate complex scientific evidence into practical solutions to promote health and manage special health conditions such as digestive conditions, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and food allergies and intolerances. Dietitians individualize information, care plans, and programs to meet the unique needs of clients and communities and look beyond fad-diets to provide sustainable life-changing advice.

A dietitian is a regulated profession like doctors, pharmacists, and dentists and are governed by their provincial regulatory body. They are valuable members of the health care team, and work collaboratively with other health care professionals.

To become a dietitian, one must graduate from an accredited university program, complete hundreds of hours of supervised hands-on training, then pass a registration exam. Ongoing professional development is not only a core value but a requirement.

Our nutrition services at Branco Nutrition are spearheaded and provided by registered dietitians. They provide personalized nutrition information and tools to meet each client’s individual needs. Our nutrition coaching philosophy around food and nutrition encompasses evidence-based approaches to empower our clients towards making positive changes and meet their goals.

Erin or Beth, our registered dietitians, will be your head coach if you have preexisting diagnosed medical conditions to ensure you get the clinical support you require to manage any symptoms that your nutrition may impact.

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