Branco Nutrition is based in beautiful Northern British Columbia in the city of Prince George. It was created by a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach team to support the health of our community through food and nutrition.

We offer local and remote personalized nutrition coaching to optimize athletic performance, prevent and manage chronic disease, build a healthy relationship with food and more.  Our registered dietitians are also available to help those clients who have preexisting diagnosed conditions, chronic diseases or concerns with gut health. They are able to work as part of your healthcare team to manage nutrition-related symptoms and target areas of improvement.

Our team welcomes the opportunity to coach small groups looking to improve their health together as well as provide nutrition presentations and seminars in a variety of settings.

Our nutrition coaches provide credible, sustainable and effective nutrition support to clients. Our approach is more than boring repetitive meals plans. We analyze your health, habits and lifestyle to create a custom approach that is tailored for you. We do not believe in fad diets, excessive restrictions or potions. We focus on developing positive habits that create long lasting change, coupled with strategies to help guide you through life and your nutrition journey. We strive to take the fight out of food and empower our clients to improve their nutrition knowledge so they can achieve their goals today, and in the future.

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